22 October 2011

Little Garden

A few years ago, we (and by 'we', I usually mean I came up with a crazy idea and Hero runs with it) built a square foot garden. The idea is that in each square foot, you can plant a certain number of plants and they will do great. 
No thinning, not too big and very organized.
It is a really great idea.
For some people. 
Actually, it is probably a good idea for us, too. But I have this little problem with plants. 
Most of them end up dead.
It does not matter what kind of plants - indoor or outdoor - but I do have better luck with outdoor plants, hence this crazy idea for a little tiny veggie garden. How bad could I mess it up?
This is day one.
I have tomatoes, spinach, peas, beans, peppers, cauliflower and mystery. So much potential.
Oh, and marigolds, for two reasons - One, they are supposed to attract good bugs, and second, they remind me of my grandma Norma. She used to cut flowers for me to take home every time we visited her house. The smell gets me every time.
You can see it is not too big. I should be able to take care of this, right?
And I can, except for one little problem. I have this thing about projects. I want to do them and be done. Maintenance projects are a downfall of mine.
I have 72 hour emergency kits that are half done, but I just cannot get excited about finishing them, as I know I have to clean them out after a while to rotate food and such.
I have photo journals that are seriously not up to date, because I know that as soon as I finish, I will not be done.
I recognize this is a problem. A weakness. I am trying.
Here is the garden at the end of the season. Do not let that plethora of tomatoes fool you - they are all icky.
The rabbits ate the peas and spinach.
We got one pepper.
The mystery turned out to be squash. They were good.
And we got two cauliflowers.
The only thing that really thrived were the marigolds. (That's something!)
Um, in my defense, I did water more this year.
Next year, I am going to turn this into a mini pumpkin patch. Since kindergarten, I have been able to grow pumpkins.
I wonder how many pumpkins per square I can get.

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  1. every single one of my plants died this year. Maybe next year.