18 July 2011

Robin Hood

Such a bummer that these pictures are so light!
But let me explain:
On a sunny (obviously) evening recently, we were hanging around in the back yard. It was the perfect evening for just hanging around.
Nothing planned, just hanging.
A perfect time to create something entertaining.
Colin is such a creator of stuff. When he was younger, he made a ski mask and snowboard out of thick cardstock paper. It was awesome! 
He draws funny things. He makes all kinds of clever things.
This night he made a bow and arrow out of sticks and string.
It actually shot, not straight and not far, but that is not the point. The fun is in the creating and testing it out.
The fact that it did not aim well and did not go across the yard is the only reason Liam is standing out there as a target.
Although Colin tried for that target, Liam was left unscathed.
If he improves the bow and arrow, we will make sure he creates a shield for Liam.

07 July 2011


I love to decorate. I love to create things. I love to put things together in new ways. 
This is most likely not news.
The thing I have a hard time with is fashion.
I just do not put clothes together well. I  struggle with creating cute outfits. I cannot decorate with accessories. Not sure how this worked out.
This is my favorite ensemble:
t-shirt (long or short sleeves)
bare feet
I know. What is up with that? I could wear that every day, and really, I try to.
Jeans are my favorite. I read on fashion blogs (I do try!) about women who do not ever wear jeans. How is that possible? I love jeans. I prefer a classic look that will last for several years.
And when they wear out, I still wear them.
I garden in them. I paint in them. I camp in them.
I wear them until it is pretty much not appropriate to wear them anymore.
These look pretty good from the front. That tiny hole at the bottom of the zipper was not really noticeable when I wore them.
I love how when each time I would put them on, I could see remnants of past projects. It is like a scrapbook!
Oh boy.
Because I cannot see my backside when I am wearing jeans, I had not realized what was happening back there. 
I should have figured it out sooner, as when I would try to put my foot in them, there were too many options for where to aim. Or as I would wear them, I would hear little tears occasionally. But since I could  not see these, I just ignored that.
I had to say goodbye to these ones.
I think I bought them from the thrift store at least 10 years ago. You know they were well used and loved. 
Time to break in a new pair. 
See what I am wearing? 
t-shirt (long sleeves)
most likely bare feet
My favorite outfit.