25 October 2011


How can our baby be 14 already?
Liam loves birthdays and parties, so we got on board with this. 
We had planned to do a neighborhood rally, having a bunch of 14 year olds run up and down the street, burning off lots of energy challenging their brains and each other in a constructive way. 
As it turned out, it rained. All day.
Quickly regrouping, we decided on a virtual rally, using the computer to find clues. Hero and I spend lots of hours challenging our brains to get things to work out. 
But they did work out - And the boys had a super fun time playing.
Look at that face. 
He got a lot of great gifts - great in that it was mostly cash. Liam received about $200 - Holy cow!
No Murphy birthday party is complete without the chocolate bar game. All kids totally love this game. A jumbo size candy bar is wrapped with every single seam taped to death. Then it is wrapped two or three more times. Everyone sits in a circle and rolls a pair of dice. If you get doubles, you first put on a hat, scarf and gloves, and then try to unwrap the chocolate bar, all the while everyone else continues to roll the dice in hopes of doubles. It is craziness. You would think at this point of the evening, everyone would be chilling and not really interested in more sugar. You would be incorrect if that were your thinking here.
Lovely cupcakes, just a few weeks before Liam was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. Next year will have to be gluten free.

Another successful birthday. 
I love having parties for my  kiddos. 
Thanks for turning 14 Liam!

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