03 January 2011

A Little Cutie

Hero and I have discovered the next level in treasure accumulating.
Estate Sales.
As if we do not have enough avenues in procurring gems for our home, like curbside finds, garage sales and the occasional relative that is cleaning out, we are upping the selection opportunities by heading all over town to estate sales. I even get emails about future sales. It is awesome.
We do have mixed feelings about them, though. Many estates sales are the cumulative collections of the elderly or deceased. We wonder why their things are being sold. Aren't there any loved ones who would love some momentos? As we wander through the sale, it is very easy to imagine the lives of the people whose possesions are being dispersed.
In one home we went to, we pictured in our minds many details of this couples lives. He worked for Ford (cuff links, pens, buttons), she loved to cook (lots of cookbooks, serving dishes and china). They had children (bedrooms with twin beds still in them), loved Disney (lots of books and original sketches) and had some health concerns (books on diabetes). He was handy and thrifty (handmade shelves, re-used cabinets and leftover paint in the basement workroom) and she was neat and careful (everything clean and in good repair, plastic covers on chairs).
And they lived there a long time. I bet so many memories for them and their children. I am sure they were friendly, bring-you-a-casserole, shovel-the-walk type people.
We try to be respectful of the belongings we find at estate sales. Just like we would if they were our relations.
Check out what we found at another one.
Obviously good bones, but lots of neglect here. The leg base was wobbly, the finish scuffed and one of the little claw feet in the drawer. But only $5. A little love is all it needs.
Check out these toes!
Got right to work on it. Hero tightened up the legs and out came the white paint. Paint hides lots of little flaws. It is a great way to help mismatched pieces play together with other furniture. On top of the white came a layer of very, very pale blue - give it a little umph.
And then after hardly waiting long enough, I gave it a little patina. Sanding in a few strategic spots allows the detail to pop out. And it makes it looked loved and well used, which it will be in about 5 minutes.
Too cute. I love this little table. I always wanted a little set in our bedroom, to eat a snack at or enjoy hot chocolate. Or even write a letter.
But actually, this table came at just the right time. Soon after we brought her home, I was called as the Relief Society President, and this has been the RS table ever since. I take calls here, fill out food orders and make lots of notes, and leave my important things here. I know I can find everything (even the drawers have a few supplies I need just for this calling) and I have loved it.
A new treasure for us.