12 November 2009

People I've Seen That Make Me Smile

I was out running some errands recently and must have had my "look at all these neat people" eyes open. Just one of those days.
First I saw 2 people raking leaves. No big deal, right? But here is the thing - They were dressed in suits. I knew who they were. They were missionaries from the Livonia Ward (I was on that side of town), and although I have never met them, I knew them. They do things like this (among other things) - Raking someone in need's leaves. I loved watching them. Having been taught by missionaries a long time ago and working with them in different capacities over the years, I know what they are about. They sacrifice their time, money, talents, comforts, etc., to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for two years (These missionaries were men. The women serve 1 1/2 years.) at an age (19-21) that most others are focused on themselves. Watching them rake the leaves that day reminded me that serving others and serving the Lord brings the most happiness in our lives. So even though they were not serving me directly, I was blessed for having caught them in a moment of love and sacrifice.
Later that day, I saw an older (70's-ish) man riding his bike. So cool! I love to see people moving their bodies and getting out and about, whether walking, running, biking, etc. But the thing that struck me the most was that he had his cane strapped to the back of the bike. It totally made me smile! I bet his physician told him to get out and get some exercise, and here he was taking care of himself. I bet when he gets off his bike, catching his breath while getting his cane, he smiles at his accomplishment. I bet he likes being able to move as well as he does. I want to be like that. So inspiring.
That evening I saw 2 little children at a party, and I was in awe of the way they related to eachother. A little boy had walked up to a little girl and complimented her on something. Cute! I do not think they even knew one another. Was that so hard? What a great example. I love when someone compliments me, so why would I feel tounge-tied sometimes paying a compliment to another? Children are so good at saying it like it is, and although that can be a little awkward without a more mature sensor, I love their openness. Boosting other's self-esteem with sincere compliments is on my to-do list.
What do you see?