19 June 2012

Funky Bag

As I was cleaning out for our big move, I came across this:

Alex made this with juice can lids!

She punched four holes around the edge and wired each lid together. 

But then there were too many sharp little points, so she covered some of them with ribbon. The inside is lined with an old tote bag.

The handle is barely hanging on. As it was attached last, I imagine that Alex lost interest in the whole project. 

She never did use it, but you have to agree, it is pretty clever!

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17 January 2012

Yikes - A Graduate

Oh boy.
I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog, and since I knew I had a few posts started with photos, I thought I would get caught up with one of those.
Sorry about this.
Let's pretend this is NEW news, shall we?
Horray - Brenden graduated from High School!
(I said I was sorry. Really I am. But I should have this momentous occasion on my blog, agreed?)
There he is! 
It can be pretty challenging trying to find your very own graduate when there are about 490 very similarly dressed students.
He looks thrilled.
Ok, great pic of some not related to us graduates. But really, this picture is here to remember some of the audience. This guy with the camera? Ugh. Made us all crazy. 
See that little guy in the orange shirt to his right? Really, really needed to be napping, and somewhere other than Compuware Arena. 
He cried 96.3% of the time we were there. Loudly.
Mom was gone most of the time getting food.
Dad was not helpful. 
Here is our graduate again! They take these pictures in front of a fancy backdrop and then charge about a million dollars for this momentous occasion. But we have our own - Just saved a million dollars!
Look how happy this guy is! Amazingly we found him pretty quick after the ceremony. 
About 490 graduates x two parents and a grandparent or two each = a million people.
Good thing for texting.
This is a momentous occasion. Not sure if Brenden thought he would ever get done. 
What a good kid. Brenden got to share his graduation year with his dad. Way to go!
Celebrating with his home teachers. They have this crazy tradition to whip cream graduates. B was a good sport about it, although we found out later, it never came out of his shirt. On the other hand, it made a great hair conditioner.
He looks ready to face the future!

Brenden is still trying to find his niche in life. He is still considering the Air Force, although he is not as sure as he once was. Currently he is out in Idaho nannying for Alex and Lawson's little cutie baby, Jett.