23 September 2011

Bag Lady

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bag for church.
For a long time.
I have had some good ones in the past, and for a while I did not need one. I could put everything in my scripture case and be on my way.
But I have needed a bag again for about a year. I've tried going bagless, but there is just too much to carry, and little things like my phone and my keys end up sitting out. I was always worried I would drop them somewhere.
Or forget them.
I have a few bags that I have been trying to make work, but it just was not happening.

Anyway, I have a new bag! I absolutely love it! It is exactly what I need for my binder and books and all my little stuffs, and it is the right color and it was inexpensive.
Because I  made it that way.
A yard of decorator fabric on clearance for $3 a yard and a sheet of plastic mesh were all I needed to purchase. I had the lining material.
And I had the cute little flower from a crafty project I did with Lauren last year.

See inside? It fits everything I need, with some space leftover for unexpecteds.
And see that little pocket in there? For my keys. And cell phone.
Oh yeah.
There is another little pocket on the outside under the flap, too.

It is a keeper!
I just love it.
Want to make your own?
This is where I found the pattern.