05 October 2011

Cuppy Cake

For Family Home Evening recently we decorated cupcakes.
Super fun!
I got an awesome cupcake decorating book from the library, made a batch of buttermilk cupcakes (buttermilk is my new favorite ingredient), stocked up on all kinds of candies and sprinkles, plus some mini vanilla wafers (so cute!) and mini donuts.
Instead of making frosting (like I know I should have - live and learn!) we used store bought. Not good. That stuff did not hold up - Way too soft.
Next time.
There was some serious art going on here. 
The intensity and dedication was awe-inspiring.
Check out the apron on Colin. This is serious.
Lauren wanted no distractions. Hair pulled back without a chance of any getting in her way. 
Or on a cupcake.
Hi friend! 
Looks like a great day for a swim.
Unless you are a fish. In Swedish waters. 
Swim away!
This is one of Brenden's cupcakes. 
It really does look like water with those sprinkles.
And drops on the table.
Another friend - Hi!
Looks like his feet have a little bit of a sunburn.
Good thing he has his arms tucked inside the inner tube.
She looks very happy. She may or may not be missing a flipper.
I think I mentioned the frosting was pretty wimpy.
This fellow is quite the swimmer. Hero worked on outfitting this guy. Complete with goggles, snorkel and flippers. 
Paddling away.
Looks like he may have forgotten his swim trunks though - check out that little fanny.
Not sure what is going on with the little swimmer to the right. 
That looks awkward. And uncomfortable.
Just another fun day at the beach!
Some with hats, some with inner tubes, some with flippers, some with no swimmers at all.
Check out this little creature. 
And his cute creature cupcake.
It's a lobster. Very clever, Liam!
Ready to serve.
Except who could eat them?
Well, friends or not, they were sure tasty.

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