29 September 2010


Some days are just filled with task after task. I use a planner and write myself notes, and I tend to keep a running list in my head of what I need to be doing next and after that and during and later. I can stay focused on what I need to make happen so much, that I may not consider the other people in my house and what they might need from me.
Not my best moments.
I get a lot accomplished, but I miss out on other things. I may check things off my list, but I might not always check on my kids. I can be efficient with my time, but I may not be slowing down enough to hug Hero.
Hmmmm. New plan inspired by this new friend.

She does not have a name, but she has a history.
Lauren made this little pin cushion for me years ago for a Christmas gift. Our friend Terry helped her out. She was so pleased to give me something that she had made that would be useful and loved by me. And she has been well used. She lives in my little sewing dish (used to be a sewing basket, but she moved up), ready to work when I am. She never complains about being poked, either, which is good, since that is her specialty. She always has just the pin or needle that I need.
Recently she got a little makeover.
By Liam.
One of the ones that I sometimes am too busy to talk to. (Ouch. That does not feel good to admit that.)
Liam has always been great at keeping himself occupied, playing for hours by himself, and happy to just be in the same room with someone.
The other day, he came across this little gal, and rearranged her features. Now she has lovely dark eyes with long eyelashes, a pert little nose and a big, colorful smile. And if you look closely, you can see her long ponytail (sticking out underneath her). She looks fabulous!
One small problem though.
I love the way she looks. I do not want to disturb her.
Now that she is not working like she used to, she has time to smile at everyone. She has little tiny pin ears to listen. She is taking the time to be aware of what is going on around her.
What a good example.
And a good friend.
Just like my family.
I will try to follow all their good examples.