25 October 2011


The first boy for our family.
I just knew he was a boy. As soon as he was born, I totally had to sit up and look. Sure enough - boy.
He had the softest little neck. I very often had a hard time resisting kissing that soft fuzzy spot on the back of his neck.
He let me do that for a few years. And then he grew up.
Which is good. He did lots of good things along the way.
He went to preschool, went to church, played soccer, did a season of bowling (with his best friend Cassie and they got a free Burger King lunch each time), went to school, danced, joined a few different theater groups, sang, hung out with friends, performed at CHS in lots of plays and musicals, was a preschool teacher (at CHS), learned to drive, loved his family, became an expert in all things Hollywood (just ask him the best picture, actor, actress, etc from any year!),finished high school and enjoyed his last summer as a kid.
Brenden had a birthday! Somehow time sped up and he is now eighteen. 
Not possible.
For his birthday we wanted a duffle bag. Brenden has big plans to join the Air Force. He is trying to gain about 10 pounds to get there.
This thing is big! Look at all that can be stored in that bad boy! 
That is Colin in there.
After he was zipped up, he rolled around the great room for a few minutes. I could never do that in a million years. Colin is a trooper.
Pretty much every year Brenden wants Wacky Cake for his birthday. Oh. Yum. This cake makes lots of servings so we have leftovers for a few days!
Love the look that David is getting from the birthday boy.
Time to dig in!
Happy Birthday Brenden!

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