30 December 2009

Hold On, It's here somewhere... I Think

Ever have those moments when you are sure of something, and then it just is not so? Hate that.
Colin very graciously agreed to go shopping with me recently (not just because he needed some new pants either), so we headed off to Target in Canton. I know he was thrilled when we found what we needed right away and were out of there in 20 minutes. He was ready to go home.
But, I got a gift card for Christmas (from my very generous boss) for Bed, Bath and Beyond (BB&B), a very un-boy store. I was itching to treasure hunt for a bunch of things I really did not need. Colin's response to my request to go to one more store was, "oh,...ok". Good boy.
Leaving Target, I thought for sure BB&B was east. I drove that way for a bit and determined it was the other way. A quick u-turn had us heading west until we hit Canton Center Rd, pretty much the end of the shopping area. Blast, it was east. Another u-turn and we made it, just past where we turned around the first time.
We headed first to the clearance section for the after Christmas bargains, and scored a table cloth. Then on to the kitchen, laundry, fine dishes, misc, (skipping the curtain and bedding) and lastly the bath sections. I had Colin and my own arms loaded up, spending about what the gift card value was. After about 45 minutes, we made it to the check out. Sure enough, just under the amount. While the cashier patiently waited for me to unearth my gift card, I had that icky feeling that I had not put it in my wallet. Rats. After apologizing to the cashier and to Colin, we left without the treasures.
On the way home, I just had to laugh out loud. I knew it would be funny later, so I took advantage of the frustration. Colin even laughed a little.
Brenden told me that things like that seem to happen to me, that usually I was so organized, nothing ever happened, but then when it does, it's big. Not often, just when it does, it's a doozy. Hmmmm. Really? This happens to me? That made me laugh some more. Here I was feeling like such a melon-head for forgetting the card, and Brenden shares this observation and I feel better. I am human, and as much as I try to do everything just right and keep things smooth, it does not always work that way. But my family still loves me. This is something that I am sure of. What a nice feeling.
So, the next day when I went to BB&B, I knew exactly what I wanted, quicklyand confidently handed the cashier my card (that was in my wallet, thank you very much), and smiled on my way out.
Oh, I did go to a different BB&B location, just in case the cashier was not as forgiving as my family.

08 December 2009

Things I Do Not Regret

Thinking recently about my blessings, I realized that there are some things that I have done and things I continue to do that I do not regret, that are some of my greatest blessings.

Some of the big ones -

Right off the bat, I decided that I should take good care of my body. I have seen the damage alcohol can do to a person and to families, so I knew I did not want to go that route. I have never regretted not giving into marketing and peer pressure to get involved with all that. And as time goes by, and I am more aware of all kinds of things that are damaging, and I love taking care of myself. Eating well and exercising are things I like to do, and I feel great. With guidance from God (and other, lesser professionals), I have learned so much, and have much to learn, I'm sure.

Hero and I got married pretty young. I was 19. LOTS of people thought we were too young. But I do not regret marrying that boy - never have, never will. We have learned and made mistakes together, and I think because we were young, we are more like one than two. I have no words to descibe how blessed I am to be sealed to him for eternity.

Each one of our children has his or her own specialness and we love them all soooo much. That being said, it has not always been a piece of cake being a mom. Those traits that make them so awesome are sometimes in conflict with my own, and they can make me crazy! I do not regret the decision to have a larger family (even though we are chronically poor) and I do not regret having each one in our family. They each are such a blessing to our family. We would not be complete without each one of them!

Joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Click http://murphysfavoritehero.blogspot.com/2009/05/living-life.html?zx=b96e9f2aa1229068 for thoughts on that.

And some of the smaller ones -

I never regret:

-spending time with my children, either one on one or as a family.

-going on dates with Hero.

-spending a little more money on quality stuff.

- reading a good book.

- learning all kinds of things, like playing the piano, how to cook, sewing, figuring out technology stuff and other great things.

- trying new things, even if they are a little intimidating.

- following a prompting to do good for someone.

- reading the scriptures and listening to the prophets.

- sharing.

- praying.

- listening to people I love.

- working hard.

And so many more. I am grateful that I get to choose and am accountable for those choices, because I either 1-learn from the mistake, or 2-enjoy the reward. It's a great plan, that brings so much happiness.

And few regrets.