25 May 2011


Look at this good looking boy. This is a picture taken a few years ago on his birthday - which he just celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday - opening gifts.
Looks like it might be a Sunday, as he has his white shirt on.

And here is Liam and I playing Battleship. It looks intense, right?
Also looks like Sunday - note the white shirt.

What do these two pictures have to do with each other? Both were taken in the kitchen.
When it was blue.
Once upon a time, I had a really great idea to paint the kitchen blue. I am not sure what I had in mind, I just knew this was not it as soon as I started painting.
But stubborn that I can very rarely be, I went ahead and painted it anyway. I spent money on that paint! And I had the time set aside to get working on it at that EXACT moment.
The blue was not awful, but in my opinion it never quite meshed with the other colors in the house, which are very earthy. I tried to convince myself it was the complimentary sky color to the earth color.
Or the complimentary water color to the earth color.
Not so much.
So after four years of it, I woke up one morning and asked Hero how he would like to paint the kitchen TODAY. He had the day, I had the day. It was meant to be.
Off to Lowe's we went, deliberated over paint chips, took the top 4 choices to the kitchen section to see how they looked with the cabinets, and agreed on this color.

Here is Hero now. Happy that the kitchen is painted and everything put away.
Thanks Hero.
Strangely, the color is VERY similar to the original builder's paint, but warmer and much better quality. Feels good to have a softer, more gentle color with all the activity in this room.

And this guy. Man, is he growing up.
I love all my boys.
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