14 June 2011

Oh Yeah

Where is Hero going all dressed up with that spiffy royal blue robe?
There are lots of people all around, and there are others all dressed up with that same spiffy royal blue robe.
What could they be up to? 
Here is Hero with that spiffy royal blue robe on, shaking hands with very important people at Henry Ford Community College. They are all smiling and being so proud. 
As they should be.
Hero got his degree in nursing.
It has been a long road for Hero. He has sacrificed lots and studied for more hours than he ever thought was possible. He totally did it.
Hero's friend Corey. They have spent tons of hours together pouring over books and notes and practice tests. They are going to be great nurses.
(Hero has to finish up his last class, to be finished in August. After that, more studying for the NCLEX-RN, (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) in the fall.)
He has already been offered a position at Garden City Hospital, in the ER. Woo-hoo!
And maybe in January, back to school for a BSN. Oh man.
That is where Hero is going.

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