31 August 2011

Upper Peninsula, Summer 2011

While Lawson and Alex were here visiting we had to go to the UP. It was such beautiful weather! 
We stayed at Grandma and Papa's house and got an early start to the day.
First stop - Castle Rock Souvenir Barn
We climbed 170 steps to the top and had a good look around. From here we can see the lake (of course) and the Mackinac Bridge. And trees. Lots. Of. Trees.
This was the first time our youngins had been to the UP in a very long time. For Lawson, definitely a first!
Alex brought along her baby bump. What a trooper baby Jett was.
Colin - stand here so I can take your picture with this awesome scenery. Thanks.
A little windy, as can be expected this high up right off the water. I wore my hat on purpose.
Love these boys. So silly. 
But really, there was a little tiny fence keeping us from falling 195.8 feet to the ground.

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