04 August 2011


Colin had a birthday recently. 
Finished his first year of high school.
Lettered in track.
Taking driver's ed this summer.
Oh man, how can he be fifteen already?
Every year for his birthday, Colin wants strawberry frosted donuts. No sprinkles. 
Colin is consistent. 
When he was little, every morning he would wake up, shuffle into the kitchen, ask for Rice Crispies with milk, and juice in his purple cup. Then shuffle to the bathroom. Then back to the kitchen for breakfast. He would eat in silence - It took him a while to get going in the morning.
He did this every single day for years.
He still is a creature of habit. 
He still shuffles to the kitchen for breakfast. He still needs some time to wake up, and still very quiet in the morning. He did switch to honey nut cheerios a few years ago though. 
Gotta watch that kid.
(Black and red bracelet made by his friend Emily.)
I am pretty sure one of the things Colin likes most about birthdays, besides the strawberry frosted donuts, is lighting the candles. 
He loves to get his hands on the lighter. 
Hero modified another lighter so that the flame is about 4 inches long. Colin did not get to use that one.
 Too bad.
Fifteen candles on one donut. Wonder when we will have to go to two donuts.
Love that smile.
When you turn fifteen, you blow candles out, but hopefully not out of the donut.
Happy Birthday Colin! 

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