08 March 2011


This is something that I eat pretty much every day:


There was one summer about 8 years ago that I challenged myself to eat something other than peanut butter for lunch.
I did manage to do it.

Glad that is long in the past.

When I was a child, I was a particular eater. I ate about 5 different things willingly. One of them was peanut butter.

My mom used to buy the buckets of Velvet Peanut Butter, which was made in a factory about 2 miles from my house. Imagine - Having a peanut butter factory in your own city! I wonder if I ever went on a field trip there.

One time when the bucket was empty, my mom thought it would be a great idea to use the clean bucket for a lunch pail. I could not do it. I was not that confident in my obsession of peanut butter in front of my peers. I must have known it was a little unusual.

When I visited my grandparents, I was served a lot of peanut butter. I am sure my parents had many conversations with them, something like this:

grandparents: She won't eat anything.
parents: give her peanut butter.

After Thanksgiving, I would have turkey sandwiches in my lunch. I was always happy to get back to the peanut butter.

As a child, my mom put butter on my peanut butter sandwiches. I think she was trying anything she could to get a few extra calories in me. She also put on a pretty thick layer of the peanut butter, like 1/4 inch thick. I have since dropped the butter, but still use the same amount of peanut  butter. I do not understand a thin smear.

I go through phases of jelly/no jelly. Right now, I only like jelly on toasted peanut butter sandwiches.

The very best way to eat a toasted peanut butter sandwich, however, is with m & m's. The fun-size pack is the perfect amount. So many good things going on with this combination:

melty peanut butter
little crunch of candy coating
melty chocolate
fun colors

Whatever variation I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich, I always eat the crust first. By the time I am to the last bite, the peanut butter is oozing out.

The bread is really just a carrier.

Peanut butter sandwiches are the perfect traveling food. No refrigeration needed (that would be all wrong). You can just throw it in a bag and go. Keeps you filled up for a long time, too, especially with the amount I use.

On a spoon, ice cream, pretzels or a sandwich - Yum.
In cookies, brownies or any sweet treat (with or without chocolate) - Yum.

Jif is the best brand. (They have not made Velvet in a very long time.) I have about 8 jars at my house right now. Food storage, but not a full year's supply.

I'll have to get more.

So I can keep eating it every day.


  1. Every time I have a peanut butter sandwich I think of you. I actually started eating more of them because of your influence, and I have them quite often. I like them with honey and more than a smear, but not as thick as you like it. I'll have to try the m&m's, chocolate makes everything better.

  2. I like this post. I always think of that day we had to stay home from church because we were sick, and we had toast with a thick layer of peanut butter and hot chocolate. Every time I'm sick or in need of a quick but satisfying snack, I think of you as I eat my toast with peanut butter. Love you Mom.