10 July 2010

I love when I do not miss something.
I am sure I miss lots of things, things that would make me wiser, kinder or stronger. Things like instructions on how to choose the correct paint brush from the friendly paint helper at Lowe's. Or, seeing someone step up to help another in need. Or, even an opportunity to bear my testimony. I know that I get a little unfocused when I am out in the world and may not be paying attention to small things all around me. But today I did not miss one of those things.
Have you ever heard of crowder beans? Me either. But I saw them at Randazzo's today. I was not really interested in the beans, but I have to look at all the signs because they have some unusual produce at Randazzo's, and I am curious as to what they are. Produce like Santa Claus melons, cactus pears and daikon. I see people inspecting these interesting things and stocking up on them. I have tried one or two myself - casaba melon is pretty good.
I walked right by the crowder beans though. I knew what they were by the sign. And they kind of look like green beans, but are brown and speckly, like the green beans went wrong somehow. But as I walked on by, I saw two women stopped to inspect them. One, who clearly was as knowledgeable about them as I was, stood there trying to figure them out. The second one is the one I am glad I saw. She knew what those babies were. And I knew she loved them. She saw the perplexed look on the other woman's face and instantly smiled. It was a, "I can see you are unsure, but I can help you. And I am going to help you. You can count on me" smile. She popped one of those beans open to reveal the treasure inside, how to get them out and what to do with them. And the smile stayed the whole time. I found myself wishing I had not walked by the crowder beans.
But at least I did not miss something. I was a witness to this sweet little act of charity.

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