23 January 2010

Crazy Braid

Look at this face!
Wonder what would create such a smile as this? I will tell you - it is his own fault.

Colin makes dinner for our family on Thursdays. This week he wanted to make homemade pizza in my new enamal coated cast iron dutch oven (aka "the magic pot" as everything we make in it is so delcious!) The pizza turned out great, a little doughy, but yum. He also put together a regular flat pizza, as the recipe for the dough makes lots. He even had more dough leftover. What to do with it? He braided it! Not sure if he realized he could bake it like that, but that is just what he did.

Look at that beauty! Perfectly golden (I reminded him to check it just in time!)

With a little direction, he brushed on garlic butter and sprinkled (generously!) with Parmesan Cheese. You know this is looking so good!

Can you slice that a little bit faster Colin? I can hardly wait!

Yeah, it tastes just as good as it looks. He shared with us.

Love this kid way more than the bread, by the way.

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