20 January 2010

Back to School

I love back to school time. I love stocking up on all the school supplies. Brand new pencils, clean white paper and the smell of markers really make me smile. I feel our family is prepared for anything when our stash of folders and spiral notebooks is replenished. And although I am not a fan of summer ending, I have to say that I am usually ready for my kids to go back. I miss the routine and structure that comes with the school schedule. Then starting around April, I am counting down the days till summer again and all the comes with the warm weather.
So I am thrown off my schedule a little. Back to school starts in September, not January. It kind of goes against the natural order. Then again, it is good to shake things up. And that is just what I did.
Last fall I made my way back to my alma mater, Wayne State University, to meet with a counselor to chart the course for finishing my degree in Fine Arts (emphasis on Interior Design). It felt great to be back on campus - some changes, but still the same feel. I left there feeling accomplished and motivated to get this thing done. From there I went to Schoolcraft to reactivate my status and register for one class - World History (online).
It is fun to be a student again! I know I am just getting started and one online class is not "school" school, but I think I can do this. And I really want to do it, too. I am excited to learn and grow, and to study something that I love. I just hope that I can keep up. I'm planning to go slow until my schedule opens up a little. And while I am working on my BFA, I can earn another degree from Schoolcraft - Liberal Arts. So that is pretty cool, too.
The thing with the online class is that I do not need too many school supplies. Hmmm.

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