18 July 2011

Robin Hood

Such a bummer that these pictures are so light!
But let me explain:
On a sunny (obviously) evening recently, we were hanging around in the back yard. It was the perfect evening for just hanging around.
Nothing planned, just hanging.
A perfect time to create something entertaining.
Colin is such a creator of stuff. When he was younger, he made a ski mask and snowboard out of thick cardstock paper. It was awesome! 
He draws funny things. He makes all kinds of clever things.
This night he made a bow and arrow out of sticks and string.
It actually shot, not straight and not far, but that is not the point. The fun is in the creating and testing it out.
The fact that it did not aim well and did not go across the yard is the only reason Liam is standing out there as a target.
Although Colin tried for that target, Liam was left unscathed.
If he improves the bow and arrow, we will make sure he creates a shield for Liam.

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