22 February 2011

Snow Day

On a recent winter day, when feet of snow were predicted and schools were closed the day before the actual snow event, we had an infestation in our yard.
These critters moved right in. They burrowed deep in the piles of snow. We were unaware of the great lengths they were going to to make a home in our hills of ice and snow. They used whatever they could to set up residence for the long haul.
We thought it might be a good idea to feed them out there, so they would not come into our home and ransack our cupboards. They were all snowy and would probably make a big mess.
Colin, Liam and their friend Tyler spent all day outside, literally hours. It was awesome.
And their igloo was pretty awesome, too. They had the front entrance (with a sled for a door) and an escape hatch in the back(with another sled for a door). It was huge inside - all three fit in there pretty comfy.
They wanted to make dinner out there, so Hero sent out a tub filled with pancake mix, syrup, pan, plates, forks and spatula to make pancakes on the little camp stove. They loved it. And they cleaned up, too.
And I was loving it, too. I love that they can spend hours working hard together in a united effort. They had time to enjoy their labors. They had a great time. They did not need any electronics to make this happen. They made it happen.
Lots of lessons here.
Sadly, the magic did wear off. After that first long day, it was abandoned. It looked a little more shrunken each time I saw it, until it disappeared in the 50 degree weather.
The evidence of the infestation was gone, but I am sure the memories will last forever.
We still have the critters though. Good thing we like that kind.

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