20 February 2010

A Beauty, But She Stinks

How cute is this color?
Home Depot discontinued their Ralph Lauren line of paints. When I got there, the paint mixer told me only dark colors were available. No problem - This one is perfect!

Beauty to the eye is not this girl's problem. It is the nose she does offend.
At least she does not stink up the whole room anymore. She keeps it to herself.
After 2 coats of paint on the outside, and 2 coats of polycrylic on the inside (which sucked into the wood like none other), she still has an odor. I am afraid I cannot put anything in her that might absorb the scent. I have tried baking soda (nope) and dryer sheets (ever hear the expression, "it is like putting perfume on a pig"?) I did get a tip for odor absorbers that are to be found at Walmart, so that is my next step.

She is a beauty, is she not?
I can admire her all day, but if I cannot put anything in her drawers, is she worth saving? Should I put her out of her misery?
She does a dandy job of holding stuff on her top.

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