18 August 2009

Cute Table Project

Doesn't this little table have potential? I love it's simple lines, and it is pretty sturdy, so it is a project - Horray! My mom gave this to me for my front room, formerly Alex's bedroom. The finish on it is pretty bad, and I do not like the dark color so much anyway, so it is off to the driveway to get to work.

Perfect weather for painting! A light breeze, not too hot or humid, and nice sunshine. I did a light sanding, but not too much. (I knew I wanted a distressed look.) It took 2 coats of white (latex interior) paint as a primer to cover the dark color. But I could see it coming together.

A closer up of the top with just the white paint. Glad I invested the time to give it a few coats.

How cute is this? I have this perfect color of paint that I got on clearance at Lowe's for a dollar, a light grayish blue - Love it! I knew it would go really well with the mustard color walls and the red accents in the room, complimenting without disappearing or taking over. After it was dry, I did sand the edges for the distressed look that I really like. (See it on the top left corner?) The picnic basket fits perfectly underneath and a few cute old books on top (one is called "Phunology", ways to have good wholesome fun in mixed company, written in the early 1900s by a pastor!) The table is just what I wanted in there!

I'm not sure, but I may stencil "murphy" on the top just for something to talk about.

My mom gave me a shadow box (in pieces) that I just might tackle this weekend. I love making our house a home!


  1. You really do make our house a home. I love you (more) for that. You are awesome!!!

  2. I love it Teresa, it looks great and I think stenciling something on top or using vinyl lettering would look fabulous!