25 February 2009

Deciding to Start

Is it just me, or are some things hard to get started? I have enjoyed reading lots of friends' blogs, and have thought how neat it would be to get busy on my own, and yet to actually start has been tricky.

What would anyone want to read about the Murphys? We are a pretty uneventful family, as much as I would like us to be adventurous. We are pretty boring, as much as I would like to be thrilling. And we are average in lots of things, as much as I would like to think we are above-average. Don't get me wrong - I really, really love my family and would never in eternity want to trade them. But we just don't have the kind of lifestyle that would make a good Hollywood movie (as much as Brenden would like to write, produce, direct, cast, etc one).

But, there is something out of this world in being an ordinary family. There is the predictability of the comforts of home. There is the peace in knowing what to expect in our family members. There is happiness in really knowing each other. And there is joy in knowing we are all doing our thing the best we can (usually) and that come rain or shine, we are a family forever.

With that in mind, today is the day to start our family blog. Maybe the next blog will be about how we played PIT for family home evening, had our old standby of burritos for dinner, or maybe something as exciting as how many loads of laundry we all did this week.

Or not. It will probably be about things like how kids get so busy they won't be playing games with us for much longer, or the serious laughter at the table that makes a few of us choke on our veggies, or the Prom dress that went to the prom with Lauren.

You know, the sensational stuff.


  1. You ARE a sensational family, and far from "boring" or predictable in my opinion!! I'm so excitd you started a blog...it'll be fun to keep updated with your adorable family. Thanks for the invite!

  2. Thanks for the invite. You may inspire me to start one too. I love to read the kids blogs, just haven't done one myself. What a fun way to keep in touch.

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! Thanks for the invite to your blog. Knowing you and your flair for the creative, I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  4. Welcome to the blogging cult! It is addictive and therapeutic. I can't wait to read!